App Shine Development

Our team of app and web specialists offer outstanding expertise. Together we form a powerhouse of collective experience in user experience, app development, graphic design, web and server development, publishing and PR. We tailor our services to fit your app requirements and goals - we don't waste time charging you for what you don't need.

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Why we are your best choice

  • Fully tailored services
  • Multi-platform UX, design and development
  • Specialists available for your specific requirements
  • Efficient and clear development process, from idea to product
  • Dedicated point of contact - Native English
  • Software follow up support
  • Professional and friendly service
  • No hassle payments by milestones
  • Extensive PR and app media network

Core Team


John | CEO

Our CEO has extensive experience in apps, innovation and managing global teams. As an alumni of Accelerate Cambridge John is well equipped with the skills to make App Shine and the App Shine team flourish.

James | Lead Developer

James leads our avid team of Android, iOS and Windows developers. With a lifetime of coding and team management skills James and our four Junior Developers always deliver clean, functional and beautiful code.

Sumedh | Lead Graphics Designer

Sumedh has the unique and valuable skill set to translate a client's description of what they want into a reality. Graphic design, animations, landscapes, people, Sumedh and our designers can do it all.

Diogo | Technology Consultant and Developer

Diogo plays the vital role of translating an idea into a reality. He knows what can be done with mobile and how difficult technological problems can be solved. He provides important input during the conceptualisation process and is one of the best all round developers in Cambridge to boot!

Jeanne | Animation and Video Producer

Jeanne, with her team of writers, animators and voice actors, have created over one thousand promotional videos for apps, websites, and businesses. She knows exactly what it takes to make a promotional video exciting, compelling and get people excited about a new app. We always provide a free promotional video as part of our service.

Darpan | Lead Web Developer

Darpan is a Web Developer and Designer specialising in creating dynamic and beautiful pages to connect with or show off mobile applications. He has been in this field for four years.